How to draw the legs of trousers

Trousers Basic Principals : How to style the legs.

We start with a basic trousers block with darts.

Basic jeans block can be stylised the same way.

Some observation : theĀ  back is 4 cm wider than the front at knee and ankle level

There is a center line on back and front half way.

It is the crease (center) line.

Every trousers blocks come with those particularities

For that model, we straisghten the line on the outside leg.

We have to do the same for the back

To make the bottom wider, add 2 cm on the outside leg.

Add the same amount at the back

Each transformation on the outside leg have to be done on the inside leg.

The center line has to remain in the center with equal amount on each side

Add same value on the inside leg at knee level (equal distance on each part of the center line)

The pant are balanced and will fall nicely.

Another variation.

We start from the same block

Narrow the inside and outside leg at knee level of the same amount.

Widen the inside and outside leg at ankle level of the same amount

Retrace the outlines

Curveat knee level

Those trousers are balanced.

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