Pattern Making Tutorial : How to draft a mandarin collar


That is a very simple tutorial showing step by steps instructions on how to draft a mandarin collar.

The mandarin collar is the easiest of all the collars. You just need the neckline measurement (the neckline of your block needs to be enlarged slightly to give ease and enough space to the seam allowance)


I give 3 variations to see what happens when the collar’s curve increases.​

variation 1: the mandarin collar is upright


start by drawing a rectangle of half neckline.the notch shows the separation between front and back : it is the shoulder seam notch  raise up center front of 1/10th of the half neckline



redrawn the curves start the curve before the shoulder seam notch to make it more even


variation 2 : closer to the neck


raise more the center front and redraw the whole lot



variation 3 : even closer to the neck.

for that variation, I recommend to redraw the neckline to make it wider. To leave room for the collar’s curve

raise more . can be 5 or 6 cm. and redraw the whole lot


see the thee variations on one drawing




Next tuto is on shirt collar




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