How to draw trousers with back yoke and side pockets

we start with our usual block

first draw the waistband.

3 can width is good. 

separate the waistband

lengthen the front dart. 

It will make the front smoother and prevent the bottom of the dart to be too pointy

move the front dart towards the side.

It is the pocket’s boundary.


draw the pocket line and the welt line

Draw the under pocket

The pocket has 3 layers

Bottom layer  (in blue) is the under pocket.

Layer in plain blue : the pocket lining. 

The welt is inserted between the upper layer and the layer 2 (lining)

The front piece is the layer 1 of the pocket.

Take out the 3 pieces for the pocket

Mirror the welt along the fold line.

And start drawing the yoke line at back

Shape the back yoke

Add the front fly extension on front and front waistband

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