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How to sandwich-sew a yoke

How to sandwich-sew a yoke


That method is for sewing a yoke at shoulder level. The Sandwich technique is applied to collar as well. It consist in taking a piece between two and turn inside out.

Method to use to sew the bib shirt in the store.


That particular yoke is in two parts. We will have two sandwich operations. In a simple back yoke, one operation is necessary.

Lets start by cutting the different pieces

Back yoke 1

Place the pieces as shown. the 2 sets together

Back yoke 2

start with the first one. stitch it on.

Back yoke 3

view on the wrong side

Back yoke 4

place the second piece of the same piece. Stitch through on the previous stitch line. The back of the shirt will be “sandwiched”

Back yoke 6

Wrong side view

Back yoke 5

better view of the yoke “sandwiched”

Back yoke 7

Iron up yoke on the right side and wrong side

Back yoke 8

It looks very neat now

Back yoke 9

position the top piece of the yoke

Back yoke 10

stitched in place as shown. wrong or right side first

Back yoke 11

the “under” yoke is under

Back yoke 12

view from the wrong side and stitch throught, exactly on the existing stitching line

Back yoke 13

a Good view of the sandwiched upper yoke.

Back yoke 14

fold up and iron

Back yoke 15

It all looks neat now




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