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How to make the faux-wrap jeans Skirt

How to make the faux-wrap jeans Skirt

Here is the detailed instruction of the skirt in the pattern store there.

The skirt can be done in two different fabric to enhance the assymetry.

Jeans/denim is great. the fabric needs some structure. It doesn’t need to be lined.

First cut all the pieces and interface the back & front facing, the back yoke and the small triangle piece.

faux wrap1

Attach the back yoke to the back skirt

faux wrap2

Inside view when it is done. Note that we have interfaced the positioning of the skirt.

faux wrap3

The back is done

faux wrap4

Now the front which is more difficult

faux wrap5

Sew the left and right front together. The seam line will be the bottom of the pleat

Now fold the pleat and close it at the top on the wrong side. When you turn it inside out, that what you should see.

faux wrap6

the triangle in place : That piece had been interfaced and stitched on one side on its wrong side and turned inside out.

faux wrap7

View from inside. one side has been stitched with the back.

faux wrap8

Prepare the zip placement with interfacing before stitching the other side with the back

faux wrap9

Stitch an invisible zip where the interfacing straps are on the left side at back and front.

the sides are now all done.

faux wrap10

the front and back facings have been stitched ( make sure that the opening is on the left side of the garment.

Cut the side to be stitched on the zip. We do that for invisible zips because the facing is following the “rolled in” effect of the zip and is thus shorter that the garment

faux wrap11

Stitch first along the zip and then on the top edge. the bottom of the facing has been overlocked or bordered with biais for neat finishing.

Insert 2 strap on the sides for easy hanging in the wardrobe.

faux wrap12

The faux-wrap jeans skirt is finished


faux wrap13





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