Pattern Making Tutorial – Balloon skirt with 8 inverted box pleats.



That page should be part of the update from the patternmaking class. We use designers clothes to train our patternmaking skills.

We started a new project with that picture :




It is challenging for first year’s patternmaking student and Yoshiko came with that toile :



It is a perfect work, perfect proportions and perfect fit.

The only thing is that it is not ballooning, it hangs straight and even if it looks perfect the way it is, it is not the original.

For further challenge, I suggested that ballooning the skirt would make it more look like the original picture.

and we came with few samples among that blue half scale skirt below:


Balloon skirt with 8 inverted box pleats 8

Balloon skirt with 8 inverted box pleats 5

That was a very good reason to make a video tutorial to show how we managed to make the pattern for that skirt.




Full explanation in the video below



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